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The ONLUS MSA intends to raise funds to provide tools and medicines essential to the activity of some hospital centers.
Furthermore, as summarized below, some other levels of intervention can be identified, including professional collaboration on site.

The center currently being collaborated is the Provincial Hospital of Quelimane (Mozambique) , in which Father Aldo Marchesini works, of which most of the founding members have direct knowledge and with whom there are relationships continuous telematics.
For each particular and specific request for material, MSA tries to respond by sending it immediately.

Some members of the Association have also organized and organize work periods in Quelimane in order to provide professional collaboration in various medical and surgical specialties.
Allocate your 5 for medical help to African populations. From today you have a unique opportunity to help those who need your help: allocate 5 of IRPEF to MSA (Medical Support for Africa).
The Italian financial law makes it possible to allocate a portion of the taxes (5 ) to ONLUS organizations.
The 5 does not replace the 8 (intended for religious denominations) and costs nothing for the taxpaying citizen.
It is a share of taxes that the state waives to allocate to non-profit organizations such as MSA to support their activities.

Turn your tax return into a great action of concrete solidarity.
You will help us to guarantee medical care to thousands of children, adults, old people who live in dramatic conditions.
Contributions from People, Companies and Entities are tax deductible.

Here's how you can do it:
  1. Sign in the box dedicated to non-profit organizations
  2. Provides the MSA (Medical Support for Africa) tax number: 91184390374
Or, to send offers and / or materials, or for the latest information on everything related to distance adoptions, click luigifranchini1@gmail.com to contact Luigi Franchini by e-mail, who has taken over from the historic and unforgettable founding partner Maria Teresa Marchesini , disappeared in January 2022.

There are no expensive public organizations with blue cars, gala dinners, attendance fees, Presidents and Vice Presidents with very expensive administrations to maintain !!.
Everything you send goes directly, entirely and only to those who need it.

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